The project name: The establishment of R & D Centre in FŁT-Kraśnik S. A.
The project goals: The main goal of the project is to create a R & D Center through investments in equipment, technologies and other necessary infrastructure that will be used to conduct research and development.
The results:

  • development of new, significantly improved and innovative roller bearing constructions for new clients orders (product innovation),
  • introduction to the practice in the enterprise of significantly improved, production methods leading to the optimization of production costs (process innovation),
  • possibility of making improvements, implementation of parameter adjustments in the construction of rolling bearings operating in special bearing nodes,
  • reduction of CO2 emissions as a result of reduced rolling resistance,
  • consolidating the market position.

The total cost of the project implementation: 27 101 820,00 PLN.
Amount of funding from European Funds: 8 255 600,00 PLN.

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