The project name: The establishment of R & D Centre in FŁT-Kraśnik S. A.
The project goals: The main goal of the project is to create a R & D Center through investments in equipment, technologies and other necessary infrastructure that will be used to conduct research and development.
The results:

  • development of new, significantly improved and innovative roller bearing constructions for new clients orders (product innovation),
  • introduction to the practice in the enterprise of significantly improved, production methods leading to the optimization of production costs (process innovation),
  • possibility of making improvements, implementation of parameter adjustments in the construction of rolling bearings operating in special bearing nodes,
  • reduction of CO2 emissions as a result of reduced rolling resistance,
  • consolidating the market position.

The total cost of the project implementation: 27 101 820,00 PLN.
Amount of funding from European Funds: 8 255 600,00 PLN.

R+D Tenders


Device for the Industrial Measurement of Rolling Bearing Friction Torque

This article presents the general assumptions and the mechanical design of the new device for measuring the friction torque of rolling bearings, as well as a preliminary evaluation of the indications on the basis of which further detailed analyses and corrections of the prototype will be made. The device presented in the manuscript is dedicated to quality control as part of its support for rolling bearing plants.